Our turmeric is quite different, so why not enjoy them differently. Frags are simply fragments of our whole turmeric, chopped and dehydrated so you can eat them by the handful or toss them on a salad. No prep is required.


The turmeric we often find in stores contains up to 2% curcumin. Our tests have shown that our turmeric contains 10-65% curcumin depending on the age of the roots. Our potency test can be viewed (here).


First planted by the indigenous people of Jamaica in the 18th century, our turmeric is matured in the untouched mountain regions of Jamaica. This is wild turmeric; pure, no additives, no artificial agents, uncultivated, responsibly harvested and highly potent.


Our turmeric is harvested under the supervision of Farm Up Jamaica, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps farmers produce organic food through Climate Smart Agriculture techniques to combat hunger and unemployment within the community.


|  0.8 oz / 7 tbsp  |


Pills and oil extracts are more profitable than plants. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why there are numerous curcumin supplements available on the market. However, in a team sport, one player doesn’t win alone. Similarly, supplements denounce the supporting team that enhances the performance of the key player. Although curcumin is identified as the key active ingredient in turmeric, studies suggest that it may not be the only active ingredient as even curcumin free turmeric exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activities. Consuming the whole plant can also enhance the absorption of curcumin in the body. Fresh, dried, and powdered turmeric roots retain natural oils which can enhance the bioavailability of curcumin as the oils can be absorbed into the bloodstream.


One of the main reasons why the curcumin levels in our turmeric are much higher is because they are not cultivated. Nature gives strength to those that overcome struggle. Cultivated plants are usually grown in conditions outside of their natural ecosystems in monoculture on bare soil. Often babied, cultivated plants are watered too often and weeded excessively. Although this may help the plants grow faster, it doesn’t help them grow stronger.


Our turmeric is harvested under the supervision of Farm Up Jamaica, a 501(c)(3) charity organization. We partnered with Farm Up Jamaica because we believe in their mission to teach people how to fish rather than feeding them for a day. Their goal is to reduce crime and poverty by creating opportunities in the agricultural sector for the people who need it. They achieve this by building schools and kickstarting programs to educate farmers on Climate Smart Agriculture techniques and showing the younger generations how farming can become a lucrative profession.

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Western medicine has saved lives. We believe in it and we’re grateful for it. However, we also believe in alternative medicine and natural remedies.

A culture is defined as the customary beliefs of a people. The vast seas separate our understanding of cultures not a part of our own. But as we explore, we find items and ideas that we can’t live without yet have existed for centuries. Our curiosity pushes us to explore different cultures to find relics rooted in the ground; relics that we didn’t know existed, have been forgotten or even silenced.

My name is Jay, I’m the founder of RootedRelic. I am also a firm believer that what we put in our body is ultimately what we get out. 240 pounds at the age of 13, now at a healthy 150 with a change in eating habits and rigorous exercise / a herniated disc from a sports injury, now able to lay on my back thanks to acupuncture, a chiropractor and daily stretching / a parent who survived a fractured spine in a riding incident which doctors hailed as a miracle, now managing chronic pains with minimal pain medication due to its negative effects. With such experiences, it’s reasonable for one to see the world with rose tinted glasses. I understand the emotional toll chronic pains can induce, not only on the subject, but also to the people around them. However, I also understand that there are foods, remedies and exercises outside of what is commercially known that can make a monumental impact in our day to day lives.

Today we start with Turmeric. Although our Turmeric is exotic, the root itself is easily recognized and popular thanks to a trend favoring superfoods and healthy living. Tomorrow, as we grow, our product line will too. Like a college student who has just discovered Led Zeppelin for their first time, we will explore different cultures to find the relics of yesterday that can make a positive impact in our lives today.


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Yes, in fact the scent and taste is much stronger (almost medicinal) compared to the traditional Turmeric you may find in stores.

No, absolutely not. There are no additives nor artificial agents in our Turmeric. Although there are good hearted brands out there, there are also a few bad eggs that may add lead in order to darken the color of their Turmeric. The orange color comes from curcumin. As our tests have shown, the curcumin levels in our Turmeric are up to 3,000% higher, so it’s only right for our Turmeric to be more vibrant.

Yes, however, in a commercial sense, this is beyond organic. This is wild harvested Turmeric from Jamaica. Now, are we “certified organic?” no. Although we boast about the quality of our Turmeric, we’re humble enough to admit that we’re a very small brand. Therefore, our immediate goal is to invest in raising awareness rather than applying for certifications at this time.


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